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Our Solution

Built for health systems by health systems, Ovatient is unlocking new opportunities to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and more deeply engage patients.

The Problem We're Solving

Health systems face growing competition from industries like tech and retail that offer specialized and consumer-focused virtual clinical services.

Transformation in healthcare is needed. And it is coming. We believe the way to drive innovation that benefits patients is to enable health systems to transform, leveraging virtual care with their traditional brick-and-mortar locations. 

Ovatient delivers virtual care services that are built on a health system’s existing instance of Epic and MyChart, breaking down silos and more seamlessly connecting patients with providers and a digital experience tailored to them.

What Our Solution Provides

Comprehensive Data Sharing

By integrating with existing EMRs, we enable near real-time data sharing and holistic patient views, supporting informed decision-making and personalized care plans.

Immediate Access to Care

Our virtual care platform breaks down barriers around distance and time, offering patients immediate access to healthcare services from the comfort of their homes, reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Support

Our approach extends beyond acute care to offer preventive services, mental health support and chronic disease management, ensuring patients receive comprehensive support throughout their healthcare journey.

The Opportunity We Are Creating

Ovatient’s approach is not just about solving existing problems. It’s about unlocking new opportunities for health systems by enhancing healthcare delivery and improving patient experience.

Engagement and Outcomes

By offering convenient access to a broad spectrum of care services, we empower patients to take an active role in their health, leading to improved health outcomes and higher patient engagement. 

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Seamless integration and a comprehensive care model streamlines operations, reduces redundancies and can lead to significant cost savings for healthcare providers by shifting the focus towards preventive care and early intervention. 

Innovation and Scalability

We rapidly scale our health system partners’ services to reach broader patient populations they could not reach on their own. 

Enhanced Continuity of Care

By ensuring our services are deeply integrated within our partners’ ecosystems, we facilitate a continuum of care that enhances patient safety, improves health outcomes, and ensures a more satisfying healthcare experience.

Want to Learn More?

Find out how your health system can partner with us to bring more connected, coordinated, and convenient virtual care to your patient populations.